You Are Never Alone

So I had an amazing revelation a few weeks ago which has inspired me to write this post. During my time of meditation last week, I was asking the Lord about some things and how events were going to play out(forgive my vagueness). For sometime, I felt alone in a particular situation I dealing with. I thought I had been left to deal with things on my own and the heaviness was weighing on me.

In the midst of my speech to Him, my eyes were opened to see a group of people I had never met……like never. Well, one I knew quite well. When the revelation lifted, I asked the Holy Spirit who they were and I received no answer. I must say the few minutes I have walked with Him has taught me that when He doesn’t respond immediately, it means I am not ready to hear the answer. He answers when He believes I would not be confused with the answer He will give.

Fast forward two weeks later, I was watching a video on YouTube about The Cloud of Witnesses and their involvement in our lives. For some few minutes, I was so confused with the message I was hearing so much that I had to keep pausing and rewinding. Now I knew that a child of God never dies because we are not flesh but Spirit. But this was expanding my thinking on the subject. I was led to open to the book of Hebrews 12 which says;

Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us-Heb 12:1

Now I had read Hebrews, the whole book to be precise and I remember reading that verse and  having zero understanding at the time. Suddenly, I was being given understanding into the revelation I had two weeks back. I knew there were souls in Heaven but I had no idea they were watching me and observing every step I took and every decision I made(creeeepy!).

But what struck me was the fact that they were interceding on my behalf….seriously. People I never knew and vice-versa were praying for me and had so much investment in my life. I was so overwhelmed with this truth that I burst into tears and practically wept for some few minutes. I was not alone. I have never been alone. I felt so much lighter knowing that Heaven was backing me and was active on my behalf. I knew then that there was going to be a performance. Though I was not seeing things physically, Heaven was at work.

Ever since that day, I have so much peace and calmness in my spirit because I have laid down my weight and the sin of doubt(I will go deeper into this topic later in life). I can now take the last few steps to the finish line without giving up and it feels great, fellow saints.We are never alone my friends. There are a host of angels, creatures, spirits and saints to name a few who are busily working for us and praying for us that we may walk worthy of the calling of God on earth.

So chill and stay funky in His Presence because your end is glorious.


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