Once Upon A Time On My Pillow

It seemed so real

Your smell, Your Touch

You were not far away anymore

You were close, You were Mine

I was clothed in a beaded white dress

You, in a well-tailored black suit, looking so dashing

And your hat……yes that signature hat

My God you were perfect

I couldn’t stop smiling

You looked at me and I could feel our heart beat as one

Your intense love for me clothed my spirit

I said to myself, “This is too good to be true. I must be dreaming”

But you were here…..Right here with me

Standing with me before Our Lord

Proclaiming our love to each other

You whisked me away in your arms like only you can into Eternity

Then I heard my mom calling out my name

No,no,no it can’t be

Don’t let it be a dream

I buried my face in my pillow and wept

It was a dream

Just a dream

© Diana Atuahene 2017


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