How I Almost Married the Wrong Guy

So today, I celebrate my fourth year anniversary……..*gives a loud shout to the Lord*

OK, so I am not married, not in a relationship neither  am I engaged. But I was, waaaaay back in 2013(seems so long ago). I had been with him for close to 4 years and it seemed like the next step to take. When he popped the question, I was not that surprised . I went through the whole “We are good friends”,”We like and enjoy the same things”,”They say marrying your best friend is the vaccination against divorce”,”We both know where we are going and I can see myself long-term with him”,”We are compatible”……and the list goes on. With this in mind, I accepted the proposal.

See, up until this point, I did not have a personal relationship with God. I knew of Him but did not know Him at all.He was not someone I would not consult Him when making any decision in my life (I mean He is God). I was one of the many Christians taking steps without knowing His  opinion concerning every aspect of our lives. I was one of the pew-warmers who on Sundays go sit in church, lift up holy hands and worship, leave, get home and shift into ‘real-life'(oh not forgetting 30minutes morning devotion and whisking out the door and 15minutes prayer of protection at night).

People close to us would say how this is ‘love’ and how this is ‘meant-to-be’. With the backing of everyone (except God), we went ahead and began the planning of the wedding. The date for the official introductions was set for two weeks after my final paper. Little did I know God had other plans for me before that date. He had set events in motion to get my attention.

On the day my final paper was to be written, I found out my name was not on the list of students who had paid heir fees. OMG. I was flipping scared. How did my father forget to pay my fees?My final semester too. What was I to do? I marched to the accountant’s office to find out the reason why they had not sent me any reminder throughout the semester(oh they can flood your mail with gazillion messages from the first week lol). As I walked in, she gave me a confused look. Diana, why are you here?Are you part of the students whose fees were not paid?

In my calm voice I replied,”Apparently so because my name is not on the list”. She checked her database and looked at me. “Its true Diana, there have been no payment made”

Me:*gasps* Why did you not alert me all these months?

Her: “There must have been a glitch in the system. It overlooked your name”

She looked at me with worry in her eyes, took a paper and scribbled some words.”Take this to the exams room. You will be allowed to enter and call your father after the paper to make payment” *Phew*

I wrote the paper, Thank God. I called my father immediately and relayed the news.

Dad:”Maame, I completely forgot this time around. I will make the transfer now”.

I had to stay in school for an extra week and a half for transfer to be made and wait another 3 days to collect $500 because he overpaid.

It was at this time God made His grand entrance into my life. I was alone in my room. Roommates were all gone. Just me and three other people in other rooms in my apartment.I had heard of people saying a visitation from God but My Jesus, I never believed I would be one of those people. He turned my life upside down those few seconds which felt like hours.

There was this peace in my heart when He was done. There were no words exchanged however I knew I was to trust Him. That wind that blew over me took away every emotion, every affection I had for this guy. Every seed the devil had planted in my heart to take me off the path He had set for me was removed. It was as though the cord between he and I had been broken. I felt relieved and alive.

I didn’t really understand nor appreciate what God had done for me in that small room on the hills of Berekuso. Now 4 years into a wonderful relationship with Him, I realize how Mercy said NO. I have seen people around me walking into disastrous relationships and marriages that is not from heaven. I always here this statement whenever I ask them, “I am marrying my best friend”.

Knowing what I know now about my marriage, the purpose of that union and how God wants to glorify Himself in my marriage, I look at myself and I say,”Thank you Daddy for not letting go and for finding favor in Your sight”.

The worst thing for a Christian is to be in a marriage without a purpose and without His approval. Without His approval means His hedge of protection will not be around that marriage. Woe to that marriage the devil has free access to.

So every year, I wake up and I celebrate and rejoice on this day, the day the mercies of God rescued me from death.

Blessed beyond imagination.

And so are you!


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