Am I Not Better?

…..”Hannah,why do you weep?Why do you not eat?And why is your heart grieved?Am I not better to you than ten sons?”

I Samuel 1:8

In everyone’s life, there has always been one aspect where we put much priority on. Be it career, marriage, education, business, child-bearing or ministry, there is that one part of our lives we tell ourselves, “If God moves in this area, my worries will be over.I will be satisfied”. We put so much attention and focus on that particular area so much so that we neglect to see and are blinded to what God is doing in other areas of our lives. When we feel as though He has disappointed us and frustration begins to set in, we begin to blame, complain and give up on Him completely.

This is Hannah, a woman whose husband dotted on her, gave her everything and provided every need of hers. Even with a second wife, her position in her husband’s heart could not be threatened.(I don’t know about you but I pray for this kind of love) Yet Hannah was dissatisfied. Her need for a child overshadowed the efforts of her husband to please her. What need is taking your focus away from the love of Jesus? Is it a promotion?Job?Marriage?In need of a scholarship? Whatever it may be, Jesus is asking, “Am I not better to you than that need?”

Some of us pray just because we are in need of something from Him. We waste fasting days and seed-sowing on our issues and changing situations rather than focusing on Jesus Himself. Our desires are misplaced. Day in, day out, God demonstrates His love in so many ways yet we focus on the part we feel He has neglected. He could have saved you from an accident, battled demons on your behalf and delivered you from the grips of hell but if your pay has not seen any increment when you receive that payslip, God has not worked that day in your life. I don’t know about you but if I was a husband who went out to work and laboured to provide every need of my wife, protect her and made sure she never lacked emotionally and all she did was complain about what was missing in her life without acknowledging my efforts, I will be disheartened and heartbroken.

Beloved, God is more interested in us getting to know Him, knowing His ways and operating like Him here on earth. Having a personal relationship with Him and understanding why and how He does things is the key to seeing results in our lives. With every man, there is that name He wants us to refer to Him with. How does God want to relate to me? That is the question.

To Hannah, He wanted her to refer to Him as a covenant-keeping God (Elohim). Once Hannah stopped the wailing, her approach to her situation changed and she saw the result in her life. Samuel was birthed. And he was no ordinary child. The moment you start to give less attention to your need and understand the times and seasons of God in your life, why He does the things He does, you will begin to see His tangible evidence in your life. Stop wailing and know who God is in your life.

No matter the situation you are in, you have Jesus and He is enough. You may be without a job but thank God for good health. You may not be married but thank God that you have a good career and have found favour in the sight of your boss. Never neglect to see the good things God has brought into your life and be thankful. In the timing of God, His glory will be made manifest in that area of your life. Focus on building your relationship with Him and seeking the Lord and ALL other things shall be added unto you.

I pray for you that you will not miss the growth process God takes you through but  you will understand and know the seasons of your life. I pray that you shall receive the grace to understand the times and seasons of God. That you shall not be swayed by the tides but be firmly grounded in the knowledge of His love for you.

Remain blessed!!

© Diana Atuahene 2017


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