Heart Stayed On You

“For it was so, when Solomon was old,that his wives turned his heart after other gods;and his heart was not loyal to the Lord his God,…….”

1 Kings 11:4

When we go through tough situations and difficulties in our lives, we often comfort ourselves with hope-filled words such as, “Sorrow may last for a night but joy comes in the morning” or “Have faith in the Lord for He is faithful”. We believe that He is capable of changing situations around if only we have faith in Him. It is easy to walk on the path He has set before us and wait on Him. But how many of us have that same focus and diligence in seeking Him and following His leading when we enter the promise land? Do we have an obedient heart when things are good and rosy?

The things of this world become so attractive to us we tend to forget the instructions and cautions God gave us when we were in the wilderness. We forget that as Christians, we never stop writing tests. The bible says that the devil departed from Jesus until an opportune time. Solomon, in all his wisdom and wealth strayed from God because of his love for the things of the world. He married women he was told not to yoke himself to and swayed of the path God had set for him.

What are the things that are keeping you from walking in obedience?For Solomon it was women. Others today it is business deals, jobs, marriages, ministry. “Do not accept this job offer”, “Do not accept this invitation to preach in this church”, “Do not go into this marriage for it is not my will”, “Do not sign this deal with this company”, “Do not take this book deal”. DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT. We ignore these warnings from God and presume them to be ‘open doors’ or opportunities from God when they are actually baits of the devil. After all, every “good thing” is from the Lord.

Are our hearts stayed on Him? That is the question we should ask ourselves today. Are we focused on Him 24/7? Do we see what the Father is doing at all times and follow accordingly? Can we identify the bait of satan to draw us away from God?Do we know when we have strayed off the path set before us? Can we tell? The saddest thing is to begin well and at the end, your life does not show forth Christ. Though unthinkable, it is so easy for one to fall prey to this.

I pray that your faith will not fail; your heart will be firmly rooted in Him and in His ways; that the standard of hell will not prevail against you and your life will be shut to the ploys of the enemy. Finally I pray that the Scripture which says, “the first shall be the last” will not be fulfilled in your life but you shall walk worthy of your calling all the days of your life.

Stay Blessed.

© Diana Atuahene 2017

Featured photo is courtesy of  Crosswalk.


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