Arise, Shine; For Your Light Has Come!

he is risen

“The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

John 10:10

What Adam lost in the garden of Eden to the devil, He came to restore back to us when He defeated death. Through Him, we have been given eternal life; the incorruptible life of God.

The fullness of God has been made available to us when Christ arose from the grave. What He can do, we can also do; for we have been restored to that image He created in Genesis 1:26.

A we celebrate His resurrection, may the resurrection power of God revive every dead thing in your life. May the Spirit of God hover over your life and awaken your career, your marriage, your education, your business, your ministry and your family and regenerate it back to life. May the abundance of God rest upon your life. Sickness and affliction can never hold you down any longer for He is Risen. HE IS ALIVE. And so are you. Nothing on earth has the right to rebel against you because the blood of Jesus has nullified every curse.

What cannot limit God cannot limit you. What cannot kill God cannot kill you. What cannot happen to God cannot happen to you. All you need to do is believe. Only Believe. The time to arise with Christ is now. Arise from the bondage of hell. Arise from the mindset that your situation cannot change; that you are alone; that this sickness will kill you; that you cannot be great; that you are a failure. Wake up and Arise.

Refuse to be subdued by the devil. The stone has been rolled away. The door has been opened for you to come out from the grave and take up your new identity; the identity of Christ.

What the devil stole from you is restored back as you receive this message from the Lord,

“Arise, Shine;For your light has come!


Have a wonderful Easter.

With love from Diana.



© Diana Atuahene 2017

Featured image from Skitguys


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