About Me!!


So where should I begin?

Okay…….My name is Diana Akua Atuahene.Diana as in DI-A-NA. I have had so many people mispronounce the name since I can remember. I have been called De–a-na, Di-na, Da-i-na and the list goes on and on ( BTW I have thrown in the towel so you can call me any and I will respond, lol).

I am a Christian girl with a deep yearning to know more of Him. I love Justice……or should I say justice, peace and freedom for every man created by Him. You know? Before I drew closer to God, that was merely a desire in the beginning. As He drew me closer to Himself, that was one thing I would ask Him. What is Justice and what does it mean to Him? How am I to bring freedom and peace to those who have been robbed of it. Then He started to explain to me the meaning of justice and freedom from His perspective. As He taught me, I realized I had no idea what those words meant. It went deeper than just physical bondage and infringement of rights….there was also a spiritual aspect to it.

But one thing He said that has been my driving force for almost four years, what I hold on to everyday was that this was my ministry and I could not fail. For once in my life I had a purpose….I had an assignment…..I had something to live for. If you were one of those who had no idea what to do with your life, like me, I am pretty sure you can relate.

And I am really excited to know that something I have been so obsessed about, even went as far as writing a dissertation on (no joke…lol) is now my entire identity. But most importantly, I am honored to be an instrument of His, being used to make an impact and make Him known to many in such a way.

I started this blog by His leading to share with others my experiences with Him, trials I have had to face and lessons I have had to learn along the way to the perfection of Christ and the stories I will hear as I begin this new phase in my life……what I call MY ministry.

So here we are!

This is a big step for this recluse girl. I hope these stories and experiences encourage you and motivate you to keep pressing on towards the mark of the high calling as they have been for me.

Lets stay in touch!

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